Board of Directors


President of Board of Directors

ISHU – Board of Directors Message

ISHU and since its establishment in 2013 is continuously evolving and steadily progressing towards the achievement of its goals.

The inter-disciplinary environment, the wide range of programs, and the diversity of curricula are designed not only to prepare our graduates to meet rigorous professional demands, but also to nurture them, hopefully into leaders of enterprise and society. In our research, as in all else, we are oriented to the needs of society, and work closely with industry, government, municipalities and other entities.

We also look for strengthening our relationships with universities, institutions, and organizations all over the world.

Today, the university is a vibrant community.

A key issue in our mission is to graduate persons of ability and conviction. Through commitment, determination, and faith, the university is well on its way to taking its rightful place as a leading institution of Somali  higher education.

We have endeavored in this University to set certain standards and succeeded  many other good practices that should be the hallmark of any University. For this I must express my gratitude to the faculty and the students as a body, and more than that thank Allah Almighty for His blessings.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank the academic and administrative staff for their distinguished collective efforts in making our university a success story and a leading body for higher education in the region.