About Us


Imam Shafi’i University is a higher education institution in Mogadishu, Somalia. Was founded by the Mo’allim Noor Foundation in 2013. Although the university is new, the Foundation has been the holder of primary and secondary education in Somalia since 1942.

The situation in which Somali community have been living since more than four decades makes it very important that the service offered must be faithful and intended to help this society, and the specifications of the real help should be satisfied and fulfilled which reflect: quality of the service, and compliance with rules and regulations that control over the service provided with taking into account the preservation of the established values ​​in the served society,  which will make the service providing institution united with the community to whom the service is provided.

On the basis of the name of this great, noble Imam in the minds of the Somali society, University of Imam Shafi’i was founded on basic premises, which are:   

  1. Commitment on the quality of educational services which the university provides for Somali community by choosing and developing the most powerful and best curriculum – theoretical and practical – in terms of  quality in the specializations and disciplines offered by the university for its students.
  1. Keeping and compliance with rules and regulations on global higher education with taking into account the special circumstances of the Somali environment
  1. Deep belief in the need to preserve the values ​​and customs of Somali society, cultural and social particularities, and the need to make a linkage between all what the university provides for its students of educational, cultural and recreational activities on that basis, with the integration of Somali student to his great world, which he can’t be separate from it.

Our Vision

Imam Shafi’I University intends to be the leading university in the areas of its work of education, intellectual, cultural, and scientific in Africa

Our Mission

Produce educated and highly qualified generation that combines authentic science and technology and modern science, to realize the hopes of the Somali community in sustainable development.

Our Core Values

    • Learning — A caring community, all of us students, helping one another grow.
    • Discovery — Expanding knowledge and human understanding.
    • Freedom — To seek the truth and express it.
    • Leadership — The will to excel with integrity and the spirit that nothing is impossible.
    • Individual Opportunity — Many options, diverse people and ideas, one university.
    • Responsibility — To serve as a catalyst for positive change in University and beyond.

Our Strategic Goals

  • To take care of and give consideration to the Holy Quran and its Sciences.
  • To provide higher education opportunities for Somali people and others.
  • To give interest in an applied science and technology side by side to social sciences and humanities and rooting these sciences as to connect to the heritage of the nation and its culture.
  • To pay Interest in graduate studies and scientific, applied research for the renaissance of the nation and its development.
  •  Interest in conducting research and studies concerned with various aspects of Somali issues.

Assessment of Student Achievement

We analyse student learning and achievement as part of our continuous self-evaluation of our academic programs.

Our strategies for measuring student achievement most notably include the following:


Tracking of student learning using capstone assessments of program completers

Comparison of junior versus first-year performance on the Proficiency Profile to evaluate student achievement through the General Education curriculum.

Evaluation of the Proficiency Profile results against aggregated means for comparable institutions.